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About The Products

Hand poured unique soy candles with crystals and flowers. Each candle is imprinted with the frequency of Love.

Each candle is unique and no two will ever be exactly the same. Each bowl is unique in its hand carved design, each stone and crystal are unique in shape and color and all the flowers are never exactly the same. These one of a kind candles are creations of love. Each one has been energetically imprinted with the frequency of Love using a special device based on Albert Einsteins theories of frequencies and Nikola Tesla's discovery that a specific set of frequencies could be used to broadcast similar to the way we use cell phones and affect only the target intended for. These frequency are imprinted into the stones in the candle and emit to those intended.


Our Story

Hello! We are Shelley and Bre, a mother daughter duo! We started off CMI Candles in December of 2022. When we first started, it was to make Christmas presents for friends and family but so many other people showed interest in what we where doing we decided to turn it into a business! We have been loving corroborating on designs and making each unique candle. Working together decorating hand poured soy candles. Each one offers their artistic abilities to blend together to make unique creations. We also have workshop classes every week for others to be able to come and decorate their own candle, where we help others create who may not even have known they could make a beautiful creations.


Meet The Team

Shelley Andrade

Shelley is native to Skaneateles and is one of our main candle makers. She comes from a family legacy of artists. She has a degree in Merchandising and a minor in Fashion design. Art and creating things has always been her passion. 

Bre Fleuff

Bre is a Skaneateles native and our other main candle maker. She has a BFA in Digital Photography. As Shelley's daughter, she comes from a family legacy of artists and grew up creating all types of art with her mom and grandfather.

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